My Internship in Argentina

My internship in Argentina

Internship report from the Pampa

Pre-study internship / nursing internship in a hospital

From 2nd of October to 30th of November I did a nursing internship at the Guardia Central of a hospital in Córdoba, Argentina like it is required from the German universities to study medicine. My working hours were daily from 9 to 5. Just from the beginning I observed the good community of the staff and the resulting nice working climate. I felt immediately welcomed and integrated what facilitated the learning and working at the hospital.

My tasks during the internship were:

  • activities to ensure the hygene and biosecuritypreparing the materials
  • hygene and comfort of the patients
  • control of vital signals (blood pressure, puls, temperature…)
  • blood sugar test
  • assistance of wound treatment
  • preparing and administration of drugs
  • endovenous injections and permanent venous catheter
  • putting stomach tube and intestinal probe
  • transportation of patients to other departments within the hospital
  • documentation of nursing treatment
  • assisting surgeries
  • observing traumatoligic and cardiovascular surgeries

Some of these contents overrun the typical nursing internship in Germany but personally this was very helpful for me. I did not only achieve an insight of the daily nursing care in a hospital but also of the work of a medical practioner.

I was especially impressed of the improvisational skills of the doctors and nurses beside the already mentioned interpersonal cordiality. These skills ensure medical and hygenic standards corresponding the European ones despite the absense of materials and provisions.

Retrospectively I can regard my nursing internship in the hospital as very successful. At my opinion it gave me a good insight into the professional life of a doctor, also into the personal limitations implicated but as well into the strength and hope a smile of a cured kid could give.

Mirjam from Germany