Internship in Argentina

Boost your CV! Acquire work experience, international experience abroad and foreign language skills by an internship in Argentina.

  • Internship journalism in Argentina
  • Medical internship in a hospital
  • Nursing internship in Argentina
  • Internship in humanities
  • Internship in arts
  • Internship in environmental engineering

Internship in Argentina

An internship abroad, the key to your professional success!

An internship in Argentina, the advantages are obvious:

  • Save travel country in Latin America
  • Good developed country in South America
  • High educational level
  • Affordable travel country
  • No placement fees for your internship
The "real life" of South America can only be experienced if you are part of the daily work routine. The best way to do so is to attend an internship at a local company or institution. You will obtain an insight of the culture, working mentality, local problems etc, which a normal tourist never will get.

Therefore Pasantias Argentinas offers

  • Pre-study internships
  • Professional internships
  • Internships related to your studies
  • Mandatory internships
  • Voluntary internships
  • Practical semester

for university students, graduates, high school leaver and professionals of all kind of studies or professional fields.

The internships abroad also serve the acquisition of language skills, the professional qualification, the achievement of experiences abroad and could be credited in the country of origin in case of mandatory internships.

Some internships within different areas of internship we organise for you after you decided for one of these categories. If you have special requirements and wishes it is much better and safer for you to organise your internship of desire on location. This ensures that you will not be placed in any arbitrary internship but in exactly the internship you expected and which will be of the greates benefit for you. During the language course you will be trained for personal interviews and your Argentinean CV will be compiled so that you can contact prospective companies and institutions on location. Pasantias Argentinas can also assume the patronage of your internship if required by the company.
Through our numerous contacts to companies, authorities, institutions, NGOs, social institutions, hospitals etc we guarantee all participants the arrangement of an internship within the present, predetermined categories!

Internship placements arranged and guaranteed by us

  • Medicine/ health professions
  • Social sciences
  • Social work with children
  • Riding for the disabled / equine therapy
  • Teaching English
  • Hotellery (Hostel)
  • Webdesign/IT/Computer/New Media
  • Water well drilling / environmental engineering

General possible internship areas

  • Business / office work
  • Marketing/Event-Marketing
  • Architecture/Civil Engineering
  • Law
  • Journalism
  • The Arts / the humanities
  • Natural sciences
  • Engineering

Donation to social institutions and hospitals
If you would like to do an internship in a social institution or hospital you have to give a donatition of 100 Euro to the institution as same as volunteers. The same in the following areas: Riding for the disabled, hospital, environmental proteccion, NGOs. All those places have a strong need for any kind of support. That´s why Pasantias Argentinas gives donations in kind to the corresponding institution. 

Acknowledgement of the internship in your home country
Generally the internships are recognized in your home country. You will receive corresponding certificates. Please inform yourself in advance about the acknowledgement/ legalization of the internship in your home country (university, scholarship provider, international affairs office, internship office, employers, internal revenue service/office etc.). Of course we cannot guarantee a specific content, performance, duration or success of the internship. This depends on you, your commitment, your language abilities and the possibilities of the host company.

If the prerequisites of an applicant are too specific, we do have to reject his application because we cannot guarantee the fulfillment of those prerequisites.

Professional internships

Internships in all areas with direct relevancy to the field of studies or profession. Suitable for university students, graduates and young professionals.

Mandatory internships

In many curricula, internships or traineeships are compulsory as a part of the education or the study, and must be successfully accomplished to complete the education. It might be prescribed, that the internship or a part of the internship has to be accomplished abroad.

To make sure that your internship abroad will officially be approved, according to the prescriptions of your education or study, we advise you to consult the authority concerned and your tutor at your school or university. If you have any special documents or contracts from your school or university for the internship, you must bring them with you to Argentina. On request, your host company will fill them in for you.

Pre-study internships

Secondary school students, school leaving graduates and university beginners also can participate at the internship programs. Graduates use the time until they can begin their studies with a stay abroad in the best way possible. Some studies require pre-study internships which also can be attended abroad. Check out the requirements and preconditions for the approval of your desired internship abroad.

Of course the pretension on the internship of a graduate without any working experience cannot be as high as in case of an university student at the end of his studies. Also the host company can employ the school leaver only in a limited way because of his lack of experience. Therefore a pre-study internship serves to become acquainted with the daily working life in Argentina. Spanish language skills can be improved, getting an overview of the everyday life and make first experiences abroad.

Nursing internship / Medical internship

Do you like to intern in an Argentinean hospital? If you are a nurse student, a medical student, a health profession student or a professional in the field of health and medicine you can intern in a hospital. Our intensive Spanish language course plus 2 weeks of the special course “Medical Spanish” will prepare you for your nursing or medical internship in an Argentinean hospital.

Duration of the program: 8-20 weeks.

Remuneration: The internships are generally UNPAID!

Language skill requirements
To attend an internship you must have sufficient knowledge of the Spanish language. Therefore you have to attend a preparing intensive Spanish language course of at least 4 weeks prior the internship.


No placement fees!