The best decision of my life!

Kathy from Switzerland
Estancia Entrance Gate

Estancia Entrance Gate

Estancia Serrana in Córdoba
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Estancia Entrance Gate
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Farmstay with language course in Argentina. No doubt, the best decision I ever made in my life! Hello Pasantias Argentinas. Here is my short report about my stay in Córdoba, Argentina. The whole journey was one of the nicest experiences I ever made. Just to resume. Now I am already 2 months back at home and there is no single day I am thinking about my 4 months trip to South America and I am dreaming about coming back some day in the future.

I begun my trip in Córdoba where I attended a 4 weeks Spanish course in a language school and lived in a big house together with Germans, Swiss, Austrians, Columbians and some extreme friendly and helpful Argentineans. Immediately I felt at home and it doesn´t matter which problem occurred, anytime somebody was there to help me. For me it was the perfect preparation to travel alone. You get the feeling for the country, people, language and culture.

Many other traveller which I met later did not have this specific connection to Argentina and did not know about a lot of small singularities which made me fall in love with this country and its people! Drinking together mate tea, preparing an asado (BBQ) on the roof terrace or going on Sunday evening to the great plaza in the city center to dance under the stars salsa and bachata was the best to make new friendships for a lifetime.

The language school was always a lot of fun and I did learn a lot of important things that me helped to travel alone through South Amercia later. After beeing in the city for 4 weeks I decided to change to the country side for a farm stay. I also loved the stay on the farm but I wished that there would have been another participant with me. Because there are no stables or work to do with the animals I felt bored sometimes and I believe with another farmstaynee it would have been much more fun. The farm family was very hearty and I felt warm welcomed. I had my own room with kitchen and bathroom and I always ate with my farm family. On the weekends I had the possibility to travel back to Córdoba city and sleep in my “old”room.

It is important to be aware that Argentina is not Europe and that a lot of things are not working like accustomed, although Argentina is the most clean and “european” country in South America I visited. If you are open for some adventures and new experiences without comparing permanentely your life at home I cannot image that somebody will not get touched by hearing the word Argentina after beeing there.

After 2 months staying in Córdoba I travelled for another 8 weeks alone and I have seen all Argentina, parts of Chile and Bolivia. I could romanticize for hours about what I have seen, experienced, learned and also suffered.

Definitely it was the best decision of my life!