FAQs - Frequently asked questions

Click the menu link "Apply". The application is online and will be forwarded to Pasantias Argentinas. After receiving your application we will contact you or by phone.
Once we settled with you the final program dates and you confirm your participation you will be asked to pay a small enrolment fee/deposit to go ahead with all concrete arrangements like the course reservation, the accommodation reservation etc.
You should book a suitable flight as soon as possible because the cheap fares (student fares, youth fares) to Argentina are often booked out quickly. Please send us your detailed arrival dates after your flight reservation.
Only your enrolment fee/deposit for accommodation reservation will not be refunded. Other additional fees are not charged.
At the latest at the beginning of the language course or program! We will offer different payment methods in different currencies, resp. the daily exchange rates. Payments could be done by money transfer (Western Union), bank transfer (SWIFT), by PayPal, in cash after arrival etc. We will inform you about the best and cheapest payment method.
Almost 100%! First, we only admit applications and reservations which can be realized. If you choose one category in which we do the placement then we will definitely place you. In case you choose another category or if you have specific requirements and wishes the placement is up to you. In this case the placement probability depends on your abilities like language skills, personal presentation and flexibility etc.
High school leaver, graduates, university students and professionals. Volunteer projects are open for all people, regardless their ages.
Our programs are open for everybody, independent of nationality, race or religion. Please inform yourself which visa requirements are applicable for your nationality to enter Argentina.
Yes. You also can attend an internship with poor or few Spanish language skills, because you will attend an intensive Spanish language course of at least 4 weeks duration to prepare you for the internship or volunteer work.
We don´t believe so. The English level in general is very poor in Argentina and if you do not speak Spanish, everything will result difficult for you, especially finding a job or an internship place.
Maybe yes, depending on your real Spanish knowledge and the selected program.
Generally the program is offered with accommodation. We will proof your enquiry. Maybe we can agree on individual conditions.
No, our programs include language tuition and accommodation. Others make no sense to us.
Yes, of course. You can book the language course as long as you like.
At least 4 weeks prior the planned begin of stay. The earlier the better!
No! This is not necessary. You will receive all information by email. This saves you money and travel expenses to interview meetings.
You determine the duration of your internship or volunteer project! This should be between 4 and 24 weeks. Of course some internships have a minimum duration required by the company or institution. Also the company would like to benefit from taking an intern.
Generally you will be the only (foreign) intern at the company or institution. Some volunteer projects have several volunteers at the same time.
Shortly after your inscription you will receive your enrolment certificate, your accommodation guarantee and all other arrival information. The final placement takes place during the language course. Thus, you will know the concrete place of internship or volunteer work shortly before beginning there. If you need a general confirmation of attending our program or attending an internship or volunteer work we can send you such general confirmation via email. First check if the enrolment confirmation does not cover your needs to proof your intended stay in Argentina.
Placement by us: your internship, volunteer project, farm stay and work experience will be arranged during your 4-week Spanish language course. Some preparing workshops and interview training will be held. The project coordinator will discuss with you your wishes and pre-conditions as well as the actual available places to intern. Then he will organized and assign a suitable place for you. You will be presented personally at the company or institution. We arrange all formalities with your project. We will determine with you and the project, when exactly you will start your experience, the working hours and the duration of your internship, volunteer project, farm stay or work experience.
Placement by yourself (some internship categories, special requirements and work and travel jobs): trained for interviews and provided with an Argentinean CV, tipps and hints and job offers you present yourself at the work place and negotiate all details.
In Argentina you must know personally the decision making people. All companies and institutions like to know you personally before accepting you as an intern or volunteer. That´s why it is so difficult to receive a final acceptance only by your CV in advance while you are still in your home country. A binding acceptance you only will receive when you are available for personal interviews on location and with the right personal connections. Also many formalities have to be concluded.
You can travel before beginning you internship or project or after finishing it. On weekends you can make excursions and short-term travel.
Of course you will receive a certificate of completion of your language course and your internship or volunteer project!
Generally a tourist visa is sufficient, which can also be prolonged on location. The visa regulations are also due to changes and depend on your nationality. Please inform yourself about the current visa regulations.
At least a medical insurance abroad for the whole duration of your planned stay in South America. Also an accident and liability insurance are recommended. We recommend the full Protrip-World Insurance Cover.
Of course you are not alone on location! For all kind of enquiries and daily problems our coordinator will assist you on all eventually uprising problems. And do not forget: there are other volunteers on location the same time you are with us! You will never be alone.
You will forward us by time your exact arrival dates to ensure that we can welcome you at the airport in Córdoba. You should arrive on a weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) to begin with your language course on Monday morning.
Yes, you will receive the negotiated stipend/incentive after the successfully completed work experience.
This is a funny question for us. Nobody in Argentina can afford to work for free. Nothing is for free in Argentina. To maintain this website, marketing, attending fairs, taxes, insurances, official requirements, the wages of our employees, teacher and assistants, the maintenance of the volunteer houses, telecommunication, transport allowances etc. cost a lot of money. All this has to be covered by the program fees.
You should have enough funds to travel to South America and to stay here a couple of weeks or months. Save money in your home country, ask your parents to help you, apply for a stipend in your home country or at your university, search for available scholarships. Argentina is an affordable travel country and you can live here quite cheaper than in Europe. With 300 Euro per month for living expensive additionally to the accommodation you can scratch along. Some things like beef or taxi lifts are quite cheap, other things are more expensive than in your home country. Do not believe it is possible or easy to find a job in Argentina or in South America and to cover the costs of your stay by the remuneration. Believe us, it is more convenient to work in your home country and to save money for your trip. Then you can enjoy Argentina and South America and you can see more of the beautiful country.