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Travel well prepared and safe to South America

Over 25 years of experience in Argentina will guarantee the success of your stay.

Before the reservation:
We will answer all of your questions and the questions of your parents in English. Just mail us.

Easy application: apply online and we compile a detailed program offer with all services and costs.

With your reservation:
You will receive a booking confirmation with enrolment documents, a placement and accommodation guarantee, detailed arrival information and hints for your stay in South America. We will confirm your accommodation before arrival.

Arrival and airport pickup: You will be welcomed at the airport in Córdoba upon your arrival and transferred to your accommodation.

Relieved parents and friends:
Once you arrived you can call home and tell your folks that everything is alright. We have a phone you can use with phone cards or Wi-Fi to send an email, whatsapp, sms, chat, skype or anythng else by the internet .

Phone card: You can purchase an international phone card to call your parents and to tell them that you arrived safely and that everything is OK. Most participants do this by Whatsapp, Skype, Email or some chat.

Introduction seminar:
A new language course cycle begins with an introduction on the first language school day for all new participants. You undergo a evaluation exam of your pre-existing Spanish skills, so that we can assign the right course level to you. You will receive important information about the performance, your stay and about safety matters. Then you go on a city tour and we show you the beautiful city center of Córdoba and how to take a public bus and get around.

Starter package: Every participant receives a starter package with useful hints and touristic information about Córdoba and his stay.

Assistance: Always a competent and committed assistant will be available for all your questions and requests. You get some emergency numbers in case of problems during the weekend or on the road.

Certificates and attestations: You will receive a language course certificate ref. to the European Reference Frame as well as an certificate of attendance of your program after successful completion on requrest.

You will be always reachable, because the volunteer houses have telephones. If you bring your mobile phone to Argentina you can purchase an Argentinean sim card on location for very little money. Or you can buy a cheap pre-paid cell phone. The volunteer houses have Wi-Fi connection and connection to the internet you will find almost everywhere.

Leisure time, sports and travelling:
We inform you about actual leisure time offers, excursions and trips. You will find sport clubs, open air baths, indoor swimming pools, tennis courts, gyms right around the corner. We also offer very cheap travel packages to the touristic highlights of Argentina.

Conclude cheap and easy the travel insurance package (medical, accident, liability)online at our insurance partner esecutive. In case an Argentinean accident insurance might be necessary for your internship or project we will conclude this for you (approx. 15 Euro per month).

Visa: We help with visa prolongations and other formalities.

Health: In case of illness we will accompany you to a practitioner or hospital.

Share the Argentinean experience:
Travelling with others is more fun and safer than alone. You will never be alone! We offer excursions, horseback riding and local trips on a regular base. Our participants always undertake something together: go out at night, barbecues, meet Argentinean friends or go on excursions to the beautiful surroundings. Join the others for shared travel through Argentina and South America.

Experience Argentina with Pasantias Argentinas!

Hey, the saved placement fees are good invested in a trip to the waterfalls or to the glaciers!

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