Your accommodation in Córdoba

Where and with whom you will stay?
You will stay in one of our beautiful, trilingual volunteer houses. You share the house with other international students and some Argentinean students. You get in contact immediately with other young people who undertake permanently something together. In the houses languages like Spanish, English and German are spoken, depending on the actual nationalities living in the house.

The houses have basic/part equipped kitchen and several bathrooms to share. Prepare your own meals and save money. Often students cook together.

You can relax at the patio or on the terrace and take a sun bath. Telephone and Wi-Fi is available. Shops are around the corner. Both volunteer houses are located in the quarter of Alta Córdoba, about 10 minutes to walk to the language school.

In case the volunteer houses are booked out you will live in a shared accommodation with locals or at a homestay. If you prefer to book in advance a homestay with or without meals, let us know. 

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