Estudiante Protegido

The Protected Language Student

We want to give you some valuable advice for your stay in Argentina to prepare you the best way possible and to avoid unexpected surprises.

Generally Argentina could be described as a safe country to travel. To travel on your own -also alone as a woman- or in a small group by modern overland bus, by plane or by rental car is no problem at all. Argentina also is a safe country concerning hygiene and health issues. No specific vaccinations are required to enter the country.

Pasantias Argentinas´ partner language school is a recognized and inscripted language school in Córdoba, Argentina and covers all official requirements, as well as the hostel accommodation. Pasantias Argentinas is member of the international WYSTE Travel Confederation and the language school is promoted by the Agencia Córdoba Turísmo.

In Córdoba like in other cities exist a number of „language schools“ and „organizations“ without any official existence or business registration. They are offering illegally courses, internships and accommodation. Foreign students should not be dazzled by such providers which mostly attract with extreme low prices and very nice websites. On arrival in Argentina you can be very surprised…

Consumer protection programme "Estudiante protegido" for the foreign language student in Córdoba
Feel safe and protected as one of our participant. No chance to betray foreign tourists!

This consumer protection programme is co-ordinated between the Agencia Córdoba Turísmo (Tourism Board), Casa del Cuidadano (Civic House) and the registrated Spanish Language Schools for Foreigner in Córdoba.

¿ De que se trata ? What is this programme about?
The Student Protection programme is to protect you against the purchase of a defective good or service. All services and goods that you buy in Argentina should be provided according to the terms, conditions and deadlines in which they were offered, advertised or agreed upon. You have the right to ask for a bill, ticket or voucher that proves the purchase of a service or a good. If your purchases go wrong, you can make your claim directly at your language school. Therefore the language school have a specific form which will be forwarded to the center of consumer protection. Within 48 hours the language school will receive an answer from the center of consumer protection. Important is that the student claims his prejudice and shows the bill, ticket or voucher of the purchased good or service.

What advantages this programme generates?
For the student: Now it is very easy to make your complaint at the right place, this is your direct partner in Córdoba, your language school. Otherwise most of the foreigner do not know where and how they can make a claim. They omit to complain or to make a report.

For the language school: To make their students happy and to offer a fast and easy solution for an arising problem.

For the Agencia Córdoba Turismo and Casa del Ciudadano: Of course we want your stay in Córdoba to be your best memory and that our tourists will come back to visit us again.

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