Spanish Course in Argentina

  • Spanish language course in Córdoba
  • Intensive Spanish tuition in small groups
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Spanish Course in Argentina

Learn Spanish in the beautiful student city of Córdoba

Pasantias Argentinas runs the most beautiful language school building in Córdoba. "El Mirador de la Plaza" – a nice town chalet at the Plaza of Alta Córdoba. Here or at our partner school right around the corner or at the class rooms in one of our volunteer houses the Spanish tuition takes place.

We offer the whole range of Spanish language courses in Argentina

  • Spanish for beginner or advanced students
  • Medical Spanish, business Spanish, Spanish for law
  • Spanish + internship
  • Spanish + volunteering
  • Spanish + farm stay
  • Spanish + work & travel
  • Spanish + horse back riding, polo, tango, travel

“Castellano” will be taught, that is the South American Spanish of the Argentinians. Of course it is good understandable in other Latin American countries and applicable also in Spain. Every country has its own accent and some countries specific vocabulary, as well Argentina.
Only Spanish, resp. Castellano will be spoken during the tuition classes.

All courses can be booked from 2-12 weeks duration, beginning every Monday throughout the whole year. The courses can be booked by anybody, also as a beginner without any knowledge of the Spanish language.

Intensive Spanish for Beginners
This is an intensive course for beginners or for students with low Spanish skills. Communicative language teaching concentrating on the four skills - listening, speaking, reading and writing. Vocabulary development, pronunciation, fluency practice, conversation skills and grammatical structures.
Duration: 2-12 weeks.

Advanced Spanish
This is an intensive course for participants with good existing Spanish skills. You should already understand mostly, make yourself understood and studied all grammatical times. The tuition concentrates on perfection of the above mentioned skills, filling the gap of language difficulties and focuses especially on conversation, idioms, fluently speaking and discussion rounds.
Duration: 2-12 weeks.

Business Spanish
Mostly this course will be hold in one-to-one tuition. Suitablefor business people, economic science students and companies or persons who need to speak Spanish at the work place. Also for preparation purposes for an internship, a study, a scientific research stay, for professional qualification and for job interviews. The tuition focusse mainly on business Spanish, current business news, business law, conversation, writing, job application and interview training.
Duration: 2-4 weeks.

Spanish language course plus internship or volunteer project
You would like to attend an internship or a volunteer project but do not have sufficient language skills? No problem! Because of our preparing intensive Spanish courses, internships and volunteer projects are also possible for absolute beginners. Prior the internship you should book an intensive Spanish course of at least 4 weeks duration! The tuition of this internship or volunteer preparing course concentrates on pronunciation, writing, understanding, grammar, conversation and interview and job application training.

Spanish language course plus farmstay
Unique combination of an intensive language course (beginner or advanced) of 4 weeks duration and the following placement on an agricultural enterprise, a farm, ranch, plantation, estancia etc. for 4-8 weeks. The participant will live on the farm at the countryside and receives free boarding and accommodation vs. his help on the farm.

Spanish language course plus work & travel
Combination of an intensive language course (beginner or advanced) of 4 weeks duration and job searching preparation for the following low-skilled job. Earn approx. 2.000 $arg per month for your work. And improve your Spanish skills on the job! The language course contains job interview preparation and the writing of typical local application documents.

Spanish language course plus study
This course will be hold mainly in one-to-one tuition. Suitable for persons who like to enroll for an university study in a Spanish speaking country or have to pass the enrolment exams. The tuition will prepare the participant especially to his studies or to the planned enrolment exams.
Duration: from 2 weeks on.

Language level
At the beginning of every course a language level test will take place (oral and/or written) to find the right language course level. Generally 3 levels are available: basic (beginners), intermediate and advanced.

Classification of the language levels
Basic level: Little or no previous knowledge. Course concentrates on pronuciation, grammar, basic vocabulary, and common everyday communication.

Intermediate level: Participants already correctly apply basic language structure and can already manage everyday situations. Course concentrates on specialized grammar and on acquisition of complex structures.

Advanced level: Participants use the language accurately and possess a large vocabulary. Course concentrates on perfecting language both verbal and written knowledge as well as an expansion of cultural knowledge in the Spanish language.

Group size
The group size in the intensive courses is limited to a small number of 3-8 students to ensure optimal results in each course. The small group size allows an intensive exchange between language students and the teacher and makes it possible to have flexibility with the curriculum and the topics focused on. If no small group with the same level could be formed, the tuition could be changed to individual tuition (depending on the booking situation).

The language tuition takes place from Monday to Friday between 9.00 am and 17.00 pm. Most classes are held in the mornings.

Course duration
The courses can be booked from 2-12 weeks duration. The courses begin on every Monday throughout the year (excepcion during christmas holiday). An intensive course contains of 4 tuition hours of 45 minutes daily. Classes are held from Monday to Friday. No classes are held on national holidays.

Our teachers are native speakers, who not only have been trained in and have experience teaching to foreigners, but also often speak a foreign language like English or German or have lived in a foreign country.
To also ensure the most effective learning possible, classes are held primarily in Spanish, resp. "castellano". At the end of the language course every participant will receive a language certificate.

Official Spanish Certificates
You can use our Spanish courses to prepare for the following exams to obtain official Spanish language certification. We also arrange specific exam preparation courses.

DELE (Diplomas de Español como Lengua Extranjera): the official Spanish certificate from the Instituto Cervantes. The exam in Córdoba takes place in May and October/November. 3 exam level: inicial, intermedio and avanzado.
Costs: 70 - 90 Euro (half the costs than in Spain).

CELU (Certificado de Español Lengua y Uso): the official, Argentinean Spanish certificate.
Costs: 150$arg (ca. 30 Euro).

Learn Spanish! It´s a lot of fun and you will boost your curriculum!
US$150 per week