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Work and Travel in Argentina

Travelling + jobbing + discovering South America!

Work and Travel Argentina: Learning Spanish, working, travelling! First learn Spanish, then go working and improve your Spanish skills every day, earn a good incentive pocket money and travel afterwards through Argentina and South America.

Unique combination of an intensive Spanish language course (beginner or advanced) of 4 weeks duration followed by a low-skilled job (gastronomy, waiter, kitchen help, social work, hostel etc.) At the end of your stay you can travel with other participants to the highlights of Argentina or to the neighbor countries.
Work to improve your language abilities. You must apply immediately your new Spanish language skills on the job and you can earn some extra money.

The "real life" in South America can only be experienced if you are part of the daily work routine. The best way to do so is to do a job. You will obtain an insight of the culture, working mentality, local problems etc, which a normal tourist never will get.

The work and travel program is the cheapest way for you to discover Argentina because you can earn an incentive of approx. 450 US$ (in Argentinean Pesos of course) per month, depending on the job, your qualifications and working hours. We guarantee different job offers.* Once a week new job offers will be posted, informed, mailed or online published. During the language course you have been prepared for job interviews and your Argentinean CV was compiled. Provided with this you go to the job offers and you can inform you in detail about the job. Also you can negotiate directly your wage/remuneration or stipend and working hours. Female participants mainly work in gastronomy as waiters or kitchen helpers, at the reception of a hostel, as a promotion girl distributing ad flyer or other low skilled jobs. Male participants can also find jobs as car washer, in repair shops or other handicraft work. You will not work as a fruit picker like in other countries!

Attention: This programme is a "cultural immersion" programme to improve Spanish language skills rather than a job or recruitment intermediation! The payment/scholarship/incentive will not be sufficient to cover all costs of the stay in Argentina nor are tourists allowed to engage any labor relationship without a work permit or working holiday visa.

Payment: Your remuneration depends mainly on the hours you will work. Also from the kind of job, your Spanish skills and other qualifications. You should calculate with a stipend of about 5.000 - 10.000 $arg per month. Within gastronomy free eating and drinking is often a welcomed add on. 

What can you afford with the stipend?
Beside that you will get contact to other young people and that you will improve your Spanish skills effectively by doing the job, you can afford from the stipend your trip to the famous Iguazú waterfalls. The money you can earn during a month is mostly enough to cover the 5 day trip with overland bus, hotel and half board to the spectaculous waterfalls of Iguazú at the border Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, almost 1.000 miles away. Or your remuneration will cover your accommodation in Córdoba. Anyway you can reduce the costs of your stay by the job, although it might be arithmetically better first jobbing in your home country and saving for your stay in Argentina. 

Jobs: The posted jobs are low-skilled jobs for students and young people like bar tender, waitress, kitchen work, hostel reception, car washing etc. Working hours and working days depend on the kind of job. Within the gastronomy most jobs are on weekends and at night.

Duration of the preliminary Spanish language course: 4 weeks (or longer). In case of very good Spanish skills the course can be shorter or omitted. 

Duration of the work experience period: You should aim for a job for at least 8 weeks. Who likes to incorporate staff for only 2 - 4 weeks?  The longer you stay the better job possibilities you will have. Afterwards you can travel weeks or months all over Argentina or to neighbor countries.

Language skill requirements: Also as a Spanish beginner you can attend the work and travel program. You will attend the preparing intensive Spanish language course of 4 weeks prior the following work period.

Accommodation:You will live in one of our beautiful, trilingual volunteer houses, together with other international participants and with Argentinean students. All houses have kitchen facilities. You can cook your meals cheap by yourself. In case our houses are booked out you will live in a host family or in a shared apartment with locals.

* Job offers will be guaranteed but not the job itself. Of course you do not have to take the job in case you don´t like it. You have to present yourself to prospective employers and negotiate the remuneration and job details directly. If you will get the job depends mainly on your appearance / presentation and your language skills. You must be flexible and have enough patience. A friendly manner and a neat appearance will help a lot. Until now every participant got an adequate engagement, if he/she was really interested, willing, flexible and patient enough.

Weekly Job Offers!