Without placement fees?

Your internship, volunteer project, farm stay, work and travel job: all without charging placement fees.

It is unique that Pasantias Argentinas does not charge specific placement fees to organize your project, internship, volunteer project, farmstay or work and travel job.

At almost all other organization you have to pay hundreds of Euros or Dollars of placement fees.

At us you only pay for your language course and for your accommodation and other booked additional services like airport pickup, things to lend etc. Additionally the social institution will receive a donation from you, if you do an internship or volunteer work at the institution.

Of course not even we can afford to work for free and to organize unlimited different projects for you. Our work, employees and teacher get paid by the money you pay for the language course and accommodation. But even the course fees and accommodation prices are very low and affordable and not at a dear price like envier might allege. You only pay about 12 Euro a day of stay including very good accommodation, assistance and project. The accommodation is better than the local standard for students and young people. For example one of our houses has a central gas heating, telephone line, Wi-Fi and 4 huge modern bathrooms.

You pay the same or even more in every hostel, but there you can share your “dormi” room with up to 10 other people at extremely limited space and daily rotation.
We have spacious single, double or 4-bedrooms. The participants constitute a homogeneous group, which shares a house for several weeks and months.

We guarantee the organization of a place to intern or volunteer within specific categories, job offer or a farm. Although you select the project category beforehand the final project category will be determined with you on location. The coordinator discusses with you the actual available projects and possibilities. You can change the chosen project category on location if you find out that another offered category might suit better for you.

Of course we cannot offer you several different projects consecutively for free. If you intend to do more than one project (for example first a social work, than a farm stay etc), please let us know beforehand or on location, so that we can make you a special offer.

Please do not ask for just organising an internship, volunteer project, job or farm for free without booking any additional services like language tuition, accommodation etc. That really makes no sense for us.

Decide for Pasantias Argentinas and apply now!