Fiesta and Travel in Argentina

  • Weekend Excursion Sierra de Córdoba
  • Córdoba City Great Party Location
  • Going out together in Córdoba
  • Many Spare Time Activities around Córdoba
  • Make new friendships in Argentina
  • Travel all over Argentina
  • Fun with other Participants
  • Sports like Paragliding
  • Pool Party inclusive
  • Rafting Rio Mendoza
  • Salinas Grandes Argentina

Fiesta and Travel

Why only thinking about working and about your career if you can also spend your time in Argentina very easy and comfortable? Go partying and travelling.

Córdoba wakes up at night. Responsable are los „estudiantes, chicas y chicos y pendejos“, the young people who spend more time on partying than on studying… 

The nightlife begins not before 2 o´clock in the morning and ends not before sunrise. You can party every single day in Córdoba´s student quarter. Many clubs, bars, discotheques invite you to party but also the streets are full with flirting „pendejos“ and styled „chicas argentinas“. Of course there exist no Sunday, because great part of the population has to recover from the hangovers.

Fiesta & Travel is exactly the right program for young people who want to learn fast and effectively the Spanish language and go partying at night with local people. Meet new people and have a great time. After learning Spanish and after all the fiestas go for an adventuresome trip to the Pampa, the Andes or to Patagonia until Tierra del Fuego… 

The program "Fiesta & Travel" includes:
Spanish intensive course: 2 – 4 weeks for beginner or advanced. Small group. 20 classes of 45 minutes per week. Tuition in the morning from 9-13 o´clock. Grammar, vocabulary, listening and speaking. Special vocabulary and expressions you need for dating, partying and meet young Argentineans…

Partying at night: You will get an introduction about the „hot spots“ of the nightlife in Córdoba, for example Nueva Córdoba, Calle Rondeau, Cañada Esquina Bv. San Juan, Chateau Carreras, Cerro de las Rosas.

.... and "una tira Bayaspirina gratis" for the hangover ("resaca") the day after ...

Travelling through Argentina: join other participants on their trips through the country. We support our students with their travel plans and offer affordable packages to the highlights in Argentina, for example to the Iguazú waterfalls. On a regular base excursions to the Sierras are organized (horseback riding, paragliding etc.).

Language skills requirements: not applicable. You do not need any language skills. You will learn enough Spanish to survive the night.

You will live with other participants in one of our beautiful volunteer houses nearby the language school. The houses are located in Alta Córdoba where you also find some well-known bars, pubs, restaurants and discotheques ("El Morado", "La Previa", "Rivadavia Lounge", "Sha", "Alma Belén", "Sabores de Perú" usw.).

Intensive Spanish course: US$ 150 per week.
Accommodation/Assistance/Contact partner: US$ 84 per week.

US$ 150 per week