Many students and great nightlife

Joanna B.-W. (19) from Germany
Volunteer work project equine therapy

Volunteer work project equine therapy

Antique building
Students in Córdoba Argentina
Language Students

Program Volunteering Equine Therapy with Spanish Course. Córdoba offers for the great number of students an extraordinary night and party life. I spent two wonderful months in Argentina. The second biggest university of the country is in Córdoba. That´s why there are so many students, a great nightlife and always something to do. Walking through the city centre, visiting the big arts market on weekends, going to dance with friends or to do some excursions to the Sierras to swin in some river – you have a lot of options.

My language course during the first month was excellent. Our language teacher were almost the same age as the students and they could let us know a lot about the culture, the students´ life and potential party spots, beside the grammar and vocabulary. Also outside the regular language classes we undertook something with the teacher and made friends.

When I arrived I did not know more than “Hola! Qué tal?”. But because of the emphasis of our teachers and that we were only 2 students in my groudp I learned very fast the Spanish language.

The way to my volunteer project equine therapy unfortunately was quite long and I had to take 2 busses to get there. But the work on the project was a lot of fun and very emotionally. Sometimes only 2 or 3 children came to the equine therapy and we were a couple of volunteers. So, there have been days with few work but at least I could ride the therapy horses.

At my accommodation some young Argentineans were living beside the foreign program participants. That was very good to practise the Spanish language.

Overall I had a good time and my stay ended too fast. I felt in love with Córdoba and I hope I can come back in the future.

I was just 19 years old during my stay in Argentina at spring 2012.

Joanna B.-W. (19) from Germany