Equine Therapy in Argentina

Sandra L. (27) from Karlsruhe, Germany
Project Riding for the Disabled

Project Riding for the Disabled

Volunteer project with disabled children
Asado argentino = BBQ
Airport pickup Córdoba
Assisting the equine therapist
Excursion Talampaya
At the plaza central of Córdoba

On my first day I took the bus Intercórdoba to a suburb in the outskirts of Córdoba City. To commute to the volunteer project takes about 45 min. Because I did not want to arrive late on the first day (typical german…) I took a early bus and arrived an hour too earlier. But the people at the project were all very friendly and helpful. To have something to do I could prepare a horse and ride it.

Yesterday evening the first parents showed up at the therapy premise with their children. Quite a mixture, healthy children who came for riding lessons and disabled ones with physical and mental needs who came for the equine therapy. On my first day I met Gaby, a grown-up mentally disabled girl. Rarely I met before such a wonderful and hearty person. You could read her happiness written in her face riding her “Sirilo”, one of the therapy horses.

On the evening we had a lot to do, from the children´s riding lessons which I guided alone to the assistance of the therapy and the walkings with the horses. It was diversified and ragtag.

My boss, the equine therapy supervisor is a very friendly and open-minded person who always gives an ear to everybody. You feel comfortable and at home with him.

I recommend everybody who has the chance to go abroad to work in a social institution. The work there will influence yourself only in a positive manner…

Sandra L. (27) aus Karlsruhe