Visit of Jane Goodall in Córdoba

Black Howler Monkey

In 2009 the “Ambassador of the Chimpanzees” Jane Goodall visited the Monkey Rehabilitation Center located in the Sierras Chicas of Córdoba 12 km from the village La Cumbre. The famous british primate researcher took a walk over the 360 hectar compound, the home of over 100 black howler and carayá monkeys. The reserve at 1.400 meters above sea level is not the natural home of this species. It is an orphanage and rescue center for formerly enclosed primates in private households or used for commercial purposes. The rehabilitation center is the first one opened in Argentina.

Voluntourism in Argentina

Volunteer in Argentina

Some travel for pleasure, others on business, others are going to visit friends and family. However, there are many who travel under the concept of a mode commonly called Voluntourism or solidarity tourism. In other words, are those who visit a place for the sole purpose of helping. In this way, vacation experience through an experience with the local people of the area, with their customs, their way of life and of course needs. This type of tourism registered an increase of 20% each year fron 2011 on, according to data from the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).