Nursing and health care internship

Johannes St. (20) from Germany
Medical internship in Argentina

Medical internship in Argentina

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The nursing internship - also called pre-study internship - in Argentina was a good experience. Since a long time I wanted to travel to a Spanish speaking country to improve my language skills. I had 2 years learned some Spanish at school but forgotten the most in the meantime. 4 weeks of intensive Spanish tuition in Argentina was a good starting point. The classes were very intensive and I felt learning a lot in a short time.

After the language course my internship in the hospital begun. 2 of my 3 compulsory nursing internships I attended here in Córdoba, Argentina. On the first day they showed my the different departments of the hospital and I could choose where to work. Also the working hours were very flexible. Mostly I worked at the internal medicine and intensive care department. The tasks are quite similar to them in Germany and it was very helpful for me that I have done a lot of them before. So I did not depend totally on Spanish explanations.

The staff is very friendly and kindly answer all questions you might have. Of course it is a pity that you cannot understand everything because of the language barrier and lack of medical experience (because I did not begin to study medicine yet). If you show sufficient initiative and interest you could see and do much more than in Germany allowed. I have seen a child birth and a surgery.

Overall the pre-study internship was a great experience. Sometimes I felt needless as an intern but this also happens everywhere. But here I had more influence over my tasks and work.

I look back satisfied to 3 months full of impressions. My Spanish improved a lot thanks to dedicated teachers at the language school and also my new argentinean friends I made. My departure was not easy because Córdoba became a second home during my stay …

Johannes St. (20) from Selbitz, Germany