Nursing and health care internship

Medical internship in Argentina

The nursing internship - also called pre-study internship - in Argentina was a good experience. Since a long time I wanted to travel to a Spanish speaking country to improve my language skills. I had 2 years learned some Spanish at school but forgotten the most in the meantime. 4 weeks of intensive Spanish tuition in Argentina was a good starting point. The classes were very intensive and I felt learning a lot in a short time.

Pre-study medical internship

Doctors and Interns in Hospital

Since I was a little child I knew I would like to become a doctor. It was not easy if I heard that I couldn´t start to study right away after finishing my highschool because of my degree (only the very best are eliged to study medicine. Others have to wait for an university place). Now I had the election of waiting to get a study place or to use my time for travelling to the adventure of my lifetime and even to attend the compulsory nursing internship abroad. As you could imagine I have chosen to travel to Argentina.