Equine Therapy

Many students and great nightlife

Volunteer work project equine therapy

Program Volunteering Equine Therapy with Spanish Course. Córdoba offers for the great number of students an extraordinary night and party life. I spent two wonderful months in Argentina. The second biggest university of the country is in Córdoba. That´s why there are so many students, a great nightlife and always something to do. Walking through the city centre, visiting the big arts market on weekends, going to dance with friends or to do some excursions to the Sierras to swin in some river – you have a lot of options.

Equine Therapy in Argentina

Project Riding for the Disabled

On my first day I took the bus Intercórdoba to a suburb in the outskirts of Córdoba City. To commute to the volunteer project takes about 45 min. Because I did not want to arrive late on the first day (typical german…) I took a early bus and arrived an hour too earlier. But the people at the project were all very friendly and helpful. To have something to do I could prepare a horse and ride it.