Language Tourism in Córdoba

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Numbers of Spanish students in Córdoba

Numbers of Spanish students in Córdoba

Córdoba has an old university education tradition. The public National University (Universidad Nacional de Córdoba) is the fourth oldest in Latin America. and the National Technological University, the Catholic University of Argentina first established in 1613. There are several universities in Córdoba like the National Technological University (Universidad Tecnológico), the Catholic University, the private University "Blas Pascal" and the University "21th Century" (Siglo 21). The offered academic educational program is very wide, highlighting the numerous master's and doctoral programs. You can study almost all university careers in Córdoba and the universities are also open for foreigner. Especially students from other Latin American countries like Colombia, Venezuela, Peru etc are studying at the free National University of Córdoba. The important academic activity encourages the presence of more than 100,000 Argentinean students from various provinces, which makes Córdoba a students hot spot with a vibrant nightlife at the students quarter “Nueva Córdoba”.

All this makes Córdoba very attractive as a Spanish language learning destination for foreigner. Beside the language faculties of the different universities present in Córdoba which offer Spanish language courses there exist a number of private language learning centers and student exchange organizations like Pasantias Argentinas.

Córdoba city with approximately 1,350,000 inhabitants is the second largest city of Argentina but does not present the problems of a mega city like Buenos Aires. The cost of living is cheaper, students feel less anonymous, the security is better, the distances from accommodation to the educational institutes or to downtown do not exceed 20 minutes and the slow pace of life of its inhabitants enables better interaction with the Argentinean culture. A nice environment to learn the Spanish language.

And the nearby Sierras de Córdoba offers a wide variety of leisure time activities like climbing, trekking, horseback riding, paragliding, parachuting, mountain biking, swimming in the rivers and other alternative tourism activities.

The tourism agency of Córdoba (Agencia de Turísmo de Córdoba) has its own Language Tourism department (Turísmo Idiomático) promoting that foreign students choose Córdoba as their language travel destination. Córdoba Tourism shows clearly an increasing number of foreign Spanish language students between 2007 and 2013 from approx. 2.000 students a year to almost 4.500 students a year coming to Córdoba. Hopefully this trend will continue in the future.